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Beginning on Friday, July 17, The Michael Brady Lynch Firm will be sponsoring a free “Thank You” meal for up to 100 members of law enforcement at the Galeria Restaurant in Baldwin Park (4979 New Broad Street).  The firm is dedicated to extending the promotion for as long as needed to ensure that a hundred Central Florida officers receive their free “Thank You” meal. Firm founder, Michael Brady Lynch has been a part of the Orlando community for over 20 years and supports all first responders. 

About The Michael Brady Lynch Firm

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm is a premier, national pharmaceutical, medical device, and complex litigation trial firm in Winter Park, FL. The nationally regarded attorneys at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm are regularly asked to co-counsel cases with firms throughout the country due to our expertise in pharmaceutical and complex litigation. When clients work with Lead Trial Attorney and founder Michael Brady Lynch or his team of knowledgeable associates, they know they will receive the utmost care and personal touch in their individual case.
Michael Brady Lynch has successfully represented thousands of consumers injured by defective drugs and medical devices. He has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Michael Brady Lynch is widely recognized as one of the most experienced and successful complex litigation attorneys in the country and is a sought-after lecturer for his distinguished views on complex litigation, scientific evidence development, negotiation strategies, and trial tactics.

Free Meals to Officers

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm has a strong culture of philanthropy and always strives to help the Orlando community when able. The firm has been involved in many causes such as Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, Feeding Children Everywhere, Autism Society of Greater Orlando, Special Olympics Florida, and other charities.
Supporting police officers is dear to Michael Brady Lynch’s heart as his father worked at the World Trade Center for over 29 years and was a survivor of the first attack on the Towers in 1993.  His father saw the bravery of the NYPD firsthand. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm wishes to thank our Orlando officers for their continued bravery and service in these trying times.
Around the country, officers are being told their presence makes restaurant patrons uncomfortable. At Galeria Restuarant, these brave men and women are not only welcome but respected. As Central Florida’s newest and most exciting culinary addition to the area,  Galeria Restaurant strives to combine inspiration from classical performing arts with culinary delights to offer great food and art while giving artists a place to showcase their work. It is the perfect location to honor Central Florida’s law enforcement.

“In a time when police officers are being refused service across Central Florida and the entire country,” said Michael Brady Lynch, Esq. “The firm stands behind and gives thanks to our brothers and sisters in blue.”

Members of law enforcement will have a choice of any of Galeria’s delectable burgers or sandwiches on the menu such as the Black & Blue Burger, Chicken & Waffle Sandwich, or Roast Beef Sandwich, along with a free non-alcoholic beverage. The tip is also included. An officer just needs to mention the promotion starting Friday, July 17, and up to 100 members of law enforcement will receive a free “Thank You” meal courtesy of The Michael Brady Lynch Firm.
For more information, please contact Brandon Salter at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm (Brandon@mblynch.test, 888-585-5970).

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