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The Indian Journal of Psychiatry published a study involving teenagers and adolescents taking the ADHD medication, Concerta. Researchers found that the active ingredient methylphenidate caused children in the study to display suicidal ideation side effects.

About Concerta

Sexual Abuse Child 300x199Approved in 2000 by the FDA, Concerta was first made by Alza Corporation before Johnson & Johnson purchased it. The medication was one of the first extended-release versions of methylphenidate (generic Ritalin) to treat ADHD. It is active for 12 hours. This time period helps ensure kids receive the medication during school hours. This extended release replaced the 3 daily doses previously needed.

Linking Concerta to Suicide

The Indian Journal of Psychiatry published a study following children using Concerta to treat ADHD symptoms. Children often need prescription stimulants to treat ADHD. The common drugs are methylphenidate (MPH), dextroamphetamine, and dextroamphetamine-amphetamine. These meds help children feel more focused. Quickly, ADHD meds containing methylphenidate became the most commonly prescribed medications.
As researchers studied the effect of methylphenidate on children, they found that kids with no depressive symptoms before taking the medication were now experiencing suicidal ideation. In one case, an 8-year-old started saying alarming things in the first week of taking the drug in small amounts. The first day, the child said: “I wish to commit suicide”. Then, the second day he said: “don’t cremate me if I die”. After stopping the medication, the child stopped expressing suicidal thoughts. In the second case, a 7-year-old reportedly said, “I want to die,” while lying in bed under several quilts within the first two weeks of taking methylphenidate. Again, the suicidal expressions stopped shortly after the child stopped treatment. Also, side effects appeared after the peak drug level around 24 hours after consumption.
It is unclear if the suicidal thoughts came from the impulsivity or depressed mood caused due to methylphenidate use in Concerta. This drug needs to be researched more, but researchers urged based on their study that manufacturers need to alert doctors to this serious side effect. Also, the patients’ parents and teachers of the patients need education on the suicidal ideation adverse effect as well.

We Want to Help Concerta Victims

Concerta Suicide Side Effect 300x200Undeniably, it is your right to be informed about the long-term risks associated with the medications you take, and it is the responsibility of drug companies to provide this information. We want to also help send a message that this is not acceptable if they don’t warn you. We are advocates for consumers harmed by dangerous medications, and we have the experience necessary to successfully litigate these cases.
Contact the Michael Brady Lynch Firm today for a free consultation to learn more about seeking justice. They are responsible for harming your child. They should be held accountable for all the pain and suffering from your child taking his or her own life.  Our consultations are free and without obligation.
If a jury finds the conduct of a drug company responsible for the death of your child, they may award punitive damages. These damages aim to punish the company and deter similar conduct in the future. Therefore, if your child attempted or committed suicide after taking Concerta, please speak to us to learn more about your rights.

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