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Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy Synthes subsidiary continue to face a growing number of lawsuits over their defective Attune Knee Replacement System. The most recent lawsuit filed was on May 31st in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. The Florida man received an Attune Knee during a right total knee replacement in March 2014 and quickly faced serious problems.

About Depuy Attune Knee Replacement

Attune Knee ReplacementThe DePuy Attune Knee system is a total knee replacement implant. DePuy also manufactures an Attune model for revision knee replacement surgery. DePuy designed the Attune knee to improve stability and motion. DePuy’s rotating platform design is intended to reduce stress and wear on the implant. The DePuy Attune knee hit the U.S. market in 2011. In March 2014, DePuy Synthes announced two new technologies for Attune.
One had a rotating platform design. The other had an anatomic patella. This would replace the natural kneecap. DePuy claimed that the upgrades would improve range of motion and reduce implant wear. However, the Attune Knee Systems began failing at high rates.

Depuy Attune Knee Lawsuit

After the Florida man received the Depuy Attune knee replacement, he began experiencing pain. Doctors pinpointed his discomfort steemed from the loosening of the tibial baseplate component. Just three months after his knee surgery in 2014, the plaintiff had to undergo painful revision surgery to remove and replace the knee.
His complaint stems from Depuy knowingly selling defective knee replacements with an unacceptably high rate of premature failure. Hundreds of people had to endure risky revision surgeries just months after receiving the device. A typical knee replacement can last up to 20 years.

Defective Tibial Baseplate

Bad KneeAlso in the Depuy Attune Knee lawsuit is the complaint that the company attempted to replace the defected tibial baseplate in 2017. However, Depuy never recalled the previous knee system. Instead, they quietly received FDA 501(k) clearance and tried to replace the defected tribal. Plus, the company took it one step further and is now seeking clearance from the FDA to market this knee system. Industry insiders speculate this marketing ploy is to quiet the news of the growing number of failures and revision surgeries.

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