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Huffing or “dusting” dangers are currently on the rise. In fact, more than 300 die each year from huffing. However, it isn’t just the people huffing that get hurt, but those who come in contact with the abuser. Yet, 3M knew of these dangers and did little to prevent the abuse of its product.

About Huffing

Dust Off 10ozInhalant abuse  (“huffing”) is the intentional inhalation of chemical vapors to attain a mental “high” or euphoric effect from common household products. A 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) revealed most abusers are under the age of 18. However, huffing affects people of all ages.

Huffing Side Effects

Huffing produces effects similar to alcohol intoxication. These include drowsiness, lightheadedness and loss of inhibition. Constant use can cause dizziness, hallucinations, belligerence, apathy, and impaired judgment.
However, long-term huffing can produce:

  • Depression
  • Mood changes
  • Weight loss
  • Inattentiveness
  • Lack of coordination
  • Irritability
  • Weakness
  • Sudden cardiac death

Sudden cardiac death from fatal cardiac arrhythmias and death can also happen from huffing. Chronic huffing damages the user’s heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and brain.

Types of Huffing Inhalants

Substances commonly used by inhalant abusers fall into several categories:

  • Volatile solvents: paint thinner, gasoline, felt-tip markers, nail polish remover, or glue
  • Aerosol sprays: spray paint, deodorant, or hair-care products
  • Gases: nitrous oxide
  • Nitrites: room deodorizers

Huffing Lawsuits

Many people while under the influence of a huffing agent have hurt people. In 2012, a mother and her nine-year-old daughter were struck by vehicle on the sidewalk outside the grocery store. The driver was huffing compressed gas from a can of 3M dust remover. He blacked out and lost control.
3M knows of huffing dangers. In fact, the company put warning labels on the cans and included a bitterest to the compress gas to deter misuse. However, research shows the bitterest does not work, and 3M knows that.

Free Consultation

Teen Mental IllnessTherefore, if you have experienced side effect from huffing, you may be eligible for compensation to offset your financial, physical and emotional burdens. Contact us today to set up a free consultation during which we will listen to your story and discuss your legal rights and options. If you choose us to represent you, we will work with you on a contingency fee basis; this means you pay nothing until we have secured compensation for you, either through a jury verdict or settlement.

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