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Attorney Michael Brady Lynch, Esq. of The Michael Brady Lynch Firm in Winter Park will speak at Mass Tort Nexus on March 20-23 in Ft. Lauderdale on the latest emerging litigation, Paragard. Michael’s lecture is part of an intense 4-Day Immersion Course offered by Mass Tort Nexus. Attorneys from all over the United States converge to hear the leaders in the industry discuss innovative tactics and the latest litigation developments.

About Michael Brady Lynch

Michael Brady Lynch is the founder and lead trial attorney for The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. For over 20 years as a trial attorney, Michael has been a passionate consumer advocate for victims of defective drugs and their families.
Michael Brady Lynch
Not only is Michael Brady Lynch fervent about justice, but also Michael Brady Lynch holds leadership positions in numerous State and Federal mass tort products liability actions, including:

  • Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (“PSC”) of In re Pradaxa Products Liability Litigation MDL #2385, which resulted in a global settlement of claims in excess of $650 million.
  • Plaintiff’s Executive Committee (PEC) in California coordinated Pradaxa litigation JCCP 4863, ongoing litigation representing victims of Pradaxa uncontrollable bleeding events post-MDL settlement.
  • Plaintiff’s Leadership Committee (“PLC”) of In re Pradaxa Connecticut State Court Consolidated Proceeding, ongoing litigation representing victims of Pradaxa uncontrollable bleeding events post-MDL settlement.
  • Plaintiff’s Steering Committee (“PSC”) of In re Viagra Products Liability Litigation MDL #2691, representing victims of melanoma associated with the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.
  • Bellwether Committee for In re Xarelto Products Liability Litigation MDL #2592, responsible for the analysis and selection of trial cases in the Xarelto MDL.

Newest Paragard Updates

The Paragard IUD has been injuring women all over the country due to its defective design. During the removal process, the T-arm of the device can break leaving women with devastating consequences. In 2015, the Open Journal of Clinical & Medical Case Reports published a study of Chicago gynecologists within a 3-year time frame. The study found 7 issues over the three years of a T-arm break. All required a hysteroscopic removal. One study participant was unable to have the arm removed. Experts suggested that these breaks are heavily underreported.
Mr. Lynch has been spearheading the call for justice for these women. At Mass Tort Nexus, he will give a synopsis of the injury profile along with current updates on the litigation.
To register for this convention or for additional information on Mass Tort Nexus and future courses, please click the link to navigate to their website.

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