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Uber and Lyft Sexual Assault News

Sad WomanAn investigation by CNN discovered that there are over 100 Uber drivers accused of sexual assault in the past four years. Only 30 of the drivers face a conviction for crimes including forcible touching, false imprisonment and rape. There are at least a dozen cases still pending.




essure sad womanIn 2017 alone, Uber gave 375 million rides in the United States alone. CNN estimated that Uber provides 15 million rides a day. Uber likes to pretend all these rides are safe, and that sexual assault by their drivers is rare. However, this is false.



über sexual harassment claimsUber has agreed to pay $4.4 million to settle sexual harassment claims after a government investigation into the company. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission started it’s investigating in 2017 when many brave customers came forward to tell the world their stories of harassment and sexual assault.


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Nineteen women and one man have courageously came forward and filed a Lyft sexual assault lawsuit. They insist that the company puts riders in danger since the passengers were raped or sexually assaulted by Lyft drivers.
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