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Asbestos Found in New Jersey School District

The Pinelands Regional School District in New Jersey closed last month after a massive roof renovation project disturbed asbestos. Authorities found asbestos in an air sampling. This raises concerns not just in New Jersey but also in school districts across the United States.

Asbestos and Schools

asbestosThe government mandates that all school districts must maintain asbestos management plans for each building. In these plans, a school must include the type and location of any asbestos in the building, regular updates on the condition of the asbestos, and, if applicable, when removal happened. Unfortunately, like so many other programs, funding is inadequate. Because of this, enforcement becomes lax and children and staff are vulnerable.
According to a 2014 report by the Institute of Education Services, the average age of public school buildings in the United States is 44 years. Schools like those in New Jersey are over 50 years old. This means that many schools were built in the 1950s. Asbestos construction material was common. From ceiling and floor tiles to mastic, joint compounds, insulation, and cement, the dangerous material was found in hundreds of products and heralded for its strength and ability to withstand heat and chemicals. Those benefits also came with a hefty price tag. Asbestos can cause mesothelioma, rare cancer.

Dangerous Asbestos

Asbestos is safe when it is in good conditioned and undisturbed. When construction companies renovate these old schools, it kicks up the deadly substance. The project releases the dangerous material into the air and becomes a health hazard. When someone inhales or ingests airborne asbestos fibers, they become lodged in the lining of the lungs. This leads to mesothelioma, deadly cancer.
In rare cases, the fibers may travel to other parts of the body. Then, they can lodge themselves into the linings of the abdomen or heart. Irritation eventually leads to tumor development.

Get Justice

Sick Old ManMesothelioma is not your fault. You deserve compensation to help with medical costs and other unexpected expenses after diagnosis. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm gives clients and their families the respect and personal attention they deserve. Each mesothelioma case is unique, and our firm will give you the one-on-one assistance you need to file your claim. A statute of limitation is important with these cases, so it is important that after a diagnosis you contact us today. The call is free and without obligation.

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