Louisiana Book Drive

  • Twenty-four school districts were closed at some point during the horrible flooding, which ravaged Louisiana in 2016.

Rhapsody Baton and Dance students Karleigh Stroud Wilkie and Montana Powell heard about a Facebook request from a Baton Rouge resident desperately wanting books for local children. The catastrophic flooding in Louisiana destroyed thousands of homes. Many agencies were quick to deliver the necessities, but entire libraries in schools had been washed away.  The girls decided to take action.

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm Joins Local Children to Deliver Books

Together with their coach, Tessah Ceballos, they contacted other Florida baton twirling groups and held drives all over Florida. The twirling community collected over 2,000 books and were faced with the challenge of delivering such a large quantity of books to the children in Louisiana.

This is when local attorney and founder of The Michael Brady Lynch Firm, Michael Brady Lynch came to the rescue. Lynch has been giving his time and charitable donations to the national and Central Florida community for over a decade. When Lynch heard of the girls’ predicament, he knew he had to help. It moved him to see the next generation of philanthropists trying to make a difference in the world. He wouldn’t stop until all books were received in Baton Rouge – thus donating $1,000 to help.

Everyone involved in the book drive was deeply touched at Attorney Michael Brady Lynch’s generosity. This donation allowed the local community the opportunity to touch the lives of so many children who lost everything.

For more information on the book drive and how you can help, please contact Tessah Ceballos of Rhapsody Baton and Dance 321-402-4659.

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