Laundry Workers

Many people do not think about laundry and COVID-19. However, it is unknown if the virus could be on soft surfaces. However, sharing laundry facilities could still be dangerous.  According to Census data, 15% of American households lack a personal washer and dryer and the rates are even higher for low-income Americans. This means that many people are using coin-operated laundry facilities. Germs and viruses could survive inside the washing machine and spread from one load to another. 

Coronavirus and Worker’s Compensation

If an employee tests positive for coronavirus, he or she could have a Worker’s Compensation claim. However, employers should be offering sick time and more time off now to protect against the spread. Plus, disregarding the doctor’s note requirement for returning employees could help prevent unneeded exposure.

Additionally, if your restaurant doesn’t provide health insurance, it would be difficult to stay home or get a doctor’s note. Plus, visits aren’t cheap especially during missing shifts.

Taking Leave

Many families are missing work to care for children or parents. Daycares and schools are closed limiting the child care options for many. Many need to take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Employers cannot fire you for taking this leave. Furthermore, they must have a position for you when you return.

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