Hurricane Claim FAQ

If your commercial or residential property has been damaged, you probably have questions about how your insurance claims process works. Additionally, you may be concerned what a claim denial could mean.

Find your insurance policy and follow the steps to report and file your claim.

If you can’t find your policy, call your insurance agent and report the damage. The agent will have a copy of your policy. 

You will need to explain the cause of the damage. Make sure to describe when the damage happened.

First, protect your property from further damages. Many insurance companies will actually reimburse you for these expenses. Make sure to keep all receipts along with photographing and videotaping the damaged property. 

Frustrating delays, rotating adjusters, wrong information about policy coverage, unfair low repair estimates and settlement offers.

On a policy, check the Declarations Page. It will provide the insurance coverage limits and the amount of your deductible.

In Florida, most insurance policies contain a hurricane deductible. This is calculated on a percentage to loss or the policy limits. This will be outlined in the policy.

Insurance adjusters have legal obligation to adjuster your claim in good faith, which certainly requires them to follow state statues, regulations, and industry standards. While the determination of coverage is a judgment call by the insurer, they do not make the final decision. Many times we determine that insurance companies have unfairly denied a claim or undervalued a claim.

Insurance companies concentrate on profits. This pushes them to deny and underpay claims. Further, insurers exploit the fact that most people do not understand complex policy language, do not know all their rights, and may simply give up in the face of a claim denial or other resistance.

If you believe your claim has been denied unfairly, your best next step is to contact us. We have free and confidential resources to help you.

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