After Hurricane Steps

Sometimes even the best efforts to protect a home or business still bring hurricane or tropical storm damage. After any damage occurs, take the following steps to make sure insurance companies have a difficult time denying your claim. 

Cover Up Your Damaged Property 

Remember you have a legal right to minimize the loss after a hurricane or tropical storm. If your property has any damage, use a tarp to prevent water from entering the home. This helps to stop any other further damage. Keep in mind that the insurance company will try multiple tactics to avoid paying. One of these is claiming that your actions made more damage and thus deny your claim. However, it is your right to protect your home with tarps after a storm as detailed in the “Duties After Losses” section of your policy. 

Document Everything

Start on the outside and take photos of the entire house including roof. Make sure to take photos of the entire yard, as well. Then, take photos of each room before photographing individual items. This complete photographic record is important to prove losses. Note anything damaged to help with the claim.  

Losses must be reported promptly, then an adjuster will tour the home and determine the cause of loss and the amount of the claim. If there are delays of notifying the insurance, the insurance company will use this to deny your claim. Carefully review your entire policy to ascertain all available coverage, potential grounds for exclusion, and limitations on coverage. 

File Your Insurance Claim Promptly 

Many people believe insurance companies are there to help. However, insurance companies seek to maximize profits for shareholders by minimizing payouts on claims. This is why many frequently engage in bad faith practices that include delaying, denying and low balling claims. 

Get Help with Your Claim Denial

Insurance claim disputes are common. They occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes the insurance provider simply wants to try to resolve a claim in the least expensive way possible. They may not provide accurate evaluations of your damages or losses. Other times, they might make it difficult for you if you fail to provide proof of your losses. You can provide proof of losses by hiring your own adjuster to examine your premises and make a report. Florida hurricane insurance dispute lawyers help you obtain the proof you need to get the most from your claim.

A denied hurricane insurance claim can be frustrating and keep you from being able to make repairs to your home or business. You need guidance from a knowledgeable attorney. You need to get the most from a claim, so you are able to fix your home and move forward after the devastating hurricane.

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