Home-Based COVID-19 Lawsuits

During this trying time it could be difficult to know what the avenues are to receive compensation. However, our team is knowledgeable not only in COVID-19 insurance claims but also in all aspect of your business needs. 

Possible Avenues for Compensation

There are other legal actions that could be performed besides fighting denied insurance claims. This is especially true with Bad Faith claims.

Bad Faith is a breach of the implied contract. If an insurance company is purposely wronging a policy holder, then this is an act of bad faith. Many states have statutes to protect against it. For example, California addresses insurance bad faith both through the Unfair Claims Practice Act as well as common law. Under this act a policyholder can bring multiple claims against the insurance agency.

Also, Federal law prohibits bad faith in connection with claims under the Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974.

If the insurer has acted in bad faith, damages could be more than the policy itself. This includes statutory penalties, interest, emotional distress, consequential economic losses, attorneys’ fees and even punitive damages.

Free Consultation

We are offering a risk free review of insurance policies of businesses closed due to COVID-19. Acting quickly to try to receive compensation for insurance claims is important. Insurance law can get complicated as companies want to give you as little as possible for your losses. We are here to fight for you. Call today for your free insurance review.

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