Grocery Workers COVID-19 Concerns

Millions of essential workers are showing up for their jobs at warehouses, food processing plants, delivery trucks and grocery checkout lines. Work that is often low-paid, and comes with few protections, is now suddenly much more dangerous.

Worker’s Comp Not Covering All Complaints

Each state has a different worker’s compensation system. However, these systems provided an administrative remedy for those injured on the job. This should include those who are injured due to COVID-19, however the laws aren’t supportive of it yet. 

Best Practices 

If fighting against woker’s compensation schemes from employees, it helps to limit employee exposure. This includes curbside pickup, limiting store guests, providing antibacterial soap or face masks. This includes having a sanitization schedule along with training staff. Being proactive now will prevent against lawsuits later.

Workers Dying

There have been over 40 supermarket employees who have died as a results of COVID-19. Another 3,000 have called in sick after showing signs of illness. Plus, without customers adhering to safety precautions it exposes even more workers. UFCW, a food and retail union that represents over 900,000 grocery workers, surveyed 5,000 of its clients, and 85% said customers are not practicing social distancing. When asked what grocery stores should do to improve the safety and treatment of workers, 72% said limit the number of customers in stores.

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We are offering a risk free review of insurance policies of businesses closed due to COVID-19. Acting quickly to try to receive compensation for insurance claims is important. Insurance law can get complicated as companies want to give you as little as possible for your losses. We are here to fight for you. Call today for your free insurance review.

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