Grocery Worker Lawsuit

If you or someone you love has contracted COVID-19 while working at a grocery store, help is available. Just recently, a nonprofit workers group sued Smithfield Foods in federal court on behalf of its workers. An outbreak at the plant sickened several employees. Many of the workers did not have adequate protective equipment. Plus, the workers had to work in close quarters without being able to wash their hands. Then, managers discouraged sick leave and even gave bonuses for working while sick. 

Missing PPE

Many governors like the one in California issued a stay-at-home order, then required critical industries that need to be in public to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies for sterilization. However, many companies are not providing PPE for their staff. 

Types of PPE

Personal protective equipment can be a wide range of different equipment to protect employees. OSHA set the stands in 2008 that employers must pay for PPE. This could be: Foot protection

  • Non-prescription eye protection
  • Goggles
  • Face shields
  • Hard hats
  • Hearing protection

Healthcare Workers’ Rights

Healthcare workers interact with those exposed to COVID-19 daily. They shouldn’t have to worry about contracting the virus due to lack of PPE. Failure to provide adequate PPE is an OSHA violation.

Businesses Want to Limit Liability

Businesses are pushing workers to work in unsafe conditions, however they are trying to shield themselves from lawsuits. in fact, many are begging for federal standards to limit liability of employers. 

Workers’ compensation do not protect the totality of a grocery worker’s rights. This is why many families are filing suit. In Illinois, a family of a Walmart Grocery worker is suing the company claiming that the company did nothing to diminish the spread of the virus to their employees. 

The employees did not have proper sterlizing, properly distancing or PPE. Plus, managers did not have any training for proper sanitizing policies. Due to this, an employee has died. 

However, an employee does not need to actually pass away from the virus since liability and damages can happen from sickness alone. If an employee is working during the COVID-19 crisis, it is important for an employer to train an employee. Plus, he or she should provide personal protective gear and effectively sanitize work and customer spaces.

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