Gas Station Employer

Many businesses are struggling during this pandemic. Even though there are no shortage of people needing gas right now, many businesses are still struggling finanically. Staff still need to be paid. Plus, employers could be filing suit against your business.

Worker’s Comp Not Covering All Complaints

Each state has a different worker’s compensation system. However, these systems provided an administrative remedy for those injured on the job. This should include those who are injured due to COVID-19, however the laws aren’t supportive of it yet. 

Best Practices 

If fighting against woker’s compensation schemes from employees, it helps to limit employee exposure. This includes curbside pickup, limiting store guests, providing antibacterial soap or face masks. This includes having a sanitization schedule along with training staff. Being proactive now will prevent against lawsuits later.


The CARES Act passed by the US government in March had many provisions to help those in the transportation business not only help their business but also their employees. 

There is exapnded unemployment assistance and retention including $260 billion in funding for additional unexmployment insurance including: 


  • Employee retention tax credit for some small businesses with 100 or fewer employees;
  • Supplemental unemployment compensation payments of $600 per person per week for four months;
  • Immediate payment of unemployment benefits, without the standard waiting period;
  • Expanded unemployment benefits eligibility, to include self-employed and part-time employees,  independent contractors and others;
  • Additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits after the conclusion of the applicable state benefits period.

Small Business Assistance

Along with unemployment assistance, there is also help for small businesses equaling $376 billion for loan forgiveness, emergency small business grants, and SBA fee waivers. There is also a federal loan fund that could help with assistance. 

Free Consultation

We are offering a risk free review of insurance policies of businesses closed due to COVID-19. Acting quickly to try to receive compensation for insurance claims is important. Insurance law can get complicated as companies want to give you as little as possible for your losses. We are here to fight for you. Call today for your free insurance review.

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