Funeral COVID-19 Insurance Claims

Grocery workers on the front lines are being exposed daily to people who potentially could have the corona virus.  Many workers are wondering if they can receive any compensation from their insurance claims.  

We can help even if your claim was denied!

Some insurance companies are fighting against claims saying that business loss from COVID-19 is not a physical loss. However, this isn’t the case. Many policies also should protect against government closures. Just because an insurance company denies your claim, it doesn’t mean the fight stops there. 

Currently, there is no a uniform rule for direct physical loss that could trigger businesss interruption coverage. Since the SARS outbreak in 2003, some insurance policies even explicitilty exclude virus or bacteria. However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t able to receive compensation.

Civil Authority Closures

Many policies include a “civil authority” coverages. This means that when you suffer business losses from a government closure that insurance should cover it. Currently, businesses are suffering catastrophic losses. Insurance companies will try every excuse to avoid covering these losses. However, we are an advocate for you. 

Free Insurance Review

We are offering a risk free review of insurance policies of businesses closed due to COVID-19. Acting quickly to try to receive compensation for insurance claims is important. Insurance law can get complicated as companies want to give you as little as possible for your losses. We are here to fight for you. Call today for your free insurance review. 

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