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A Texas company is recalling more than 17 tons of ground beef it sold to the USDA for use by the National School Lunch Program because of complaints about pieces of hard white plastic pieces in the meat.

Ground Beef RecallAbout Food Recalls

The Centers for Disease Control estimates each year there are 48 million cases of food poisoning. Most recover within a few days, but sometimes food poisoning can be life-threatening or deadly for vulnerable populations. If food poisoning seriously injured you, you may be able to file a food poisoning lawsuit. The FDA is constantly updating about Food Safety Recalls.

Ground Beef Recall

Don Lee Farms recalled their fully-cooked ground beef products they distributed to institutions in Maine and Connecticut. The recall comes after the company received complaints about hard, white plastic material found in their ground beef.  All of the Don Lee Farms beef patties and beef crumbles subject to the recall have the establishment number “EST. 5886A” printed in the USDA mark on the product labels.
Don Lee Farms produced the recalled meat products on Aug. 2, 2017. They all have best-if-used-by dates of Aug. 2 this year.
Label Recalled Don Lee Farms Ground BeefSchools’ staffs can identify the recalled products by looking for the following label information:

  •  40-pound cases of “Don Lee Farms FULLY COOKED BEEF PATTY CRUMBLES” with lot code 5886A7214, case code CNG36100 and “Best if used within” date of August 2, 2018; and
  • 40-pound cases of “Don Lee Farms FULLY COOKED HOMESTYLE BEEF PATTY” with lot code 5886A7214, case code CNG38220 and “Best if used within” date of August 2, 2018.

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Food poisoning lawsuits play an important role in keeping food systems safe. These lawsuits hold negligent corporations accountable. Plus, it shows lawmakers that food safety is imperative.  When people are injured from outbreaks caused by bacteria or viruses, most of the time it is from a manufacturer being negligent. The company is fully aware of their potentially dangerous practices and do not correct it. Thus, customers’ lives are endangered.
If the ground beef recall injured you or a family member, contact us immediately. We have over 20 years experience helping injured consumers.

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