Escalator Liability

Escalator incidents occur under a variety of circumstances. The cause of the injury often helps investigators understand contributing factors and ultimate liability. Consider the potentially liable parties and common causes of escalator accidents.

Escalator Liability

Escalator operators, manufacturers, and maintenance crews are maintain escalators for industry standards. This includes warning riders of possible hazards or design flaws and equipment issues that defy safety standards. This means that owners or operators can be held liable for injuries. They are responsible for scheduling and conducting routine inspections. This means ensuring that escalators are up to state and federal codes. If they do not, the escalator needs to be roped off or stopped from operating.  

Another responsible party are third party sellers. They can be held liable if the escalator falls under the purview of product liability law. This includes if the manufacturing process, design, or warnings come with the escalator contribute to a rider’s injury. This means if the equipment jerks, moves too quickly or had other malfunctions.  

A court could hold all or some of these parties responsible. Sometimes this is called strict liability on the owners or operators. Escalators could be deemed a mode of public transportation. This means that carriers should be held to a duty of care. Therefore, a knowledgeable attorney doesn’t need to prove negligence just that the owner or operator was legally responsible for the incident.

Pursuing Escalator Accident Claims

An escalator seems innocent, but it can lead to devastating physical trauma. Often these accidents happen when someone is not expecting it. This could be going home, shopping or at the airport. If this accident happens to a child, he or she can have a lifetime of physical and mental trauma. This leads to a downturn of quality of life, time away from work or financial struggles. This is why it is important to have a knowledgeable complex litigation attorney on your side. Our consultations are free. Call today.

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