Employer Lawsuit

Many businesses are struggling during this pandemic. Even though there are no shortage of sick patients right now,  hospitals are still struggling financially. Many of those sick cannot pay for care. Yet, staff still need to be paid. Plus, employers could be filing suit against your business.

Bankrupt Hospitals

If hospitals are having an issue paying employees, then they can apply for Paycheck Protection Program loan. Several rural hospitals sued to ensure that financially compromised facilities could still receive PPE.

This even includes businesses restructuring under Chapter 11. Businesses want the funding since the loans do not have to be paid back if the money is used for employees. This even includes bankrupt hospitals. 

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We are offering a risk free review of insurance policies of businesses closed due to COVID-19. Acting quickly to try to receive compensation for insurance claims is important. Insurance law can get complicated as companies want to give you as little as possible for your losses. We are here to fight for you. Call today for your free insurance review.

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