Elevator Injury Liability

Property owners have an obligation to make sure that elevators are properly maintained and in safe working order so that people do not get hurt. This includes regular inspections and compliances with all government statutes. After an injury, there are many at-fault parties. This includes property owners, elevator maintenance company, property management company or a combination of all of the above. 

Responsible Parties

A state government should inspection elevator before the public can safely ride it. The government could be liable, however a majority of elevator accidents fall under the liability of the building owner. If the owner did not complete proper maintenance on the elevator or if the elevator failed due to product defects then the manufacturer is also responsible. 

Property Owner

Duty of care falls in the hands of the property owner. It is his or her responsibility to ensure the property is free of hazards. This means routine maintenance on the elevator and repairing anything that is broken. If this doesn’t happen, then the property owner is liable.

Elevator Manufacturer

It isn’t just the property owner’s responsibility, but also the manufacturer of the elevator. If there is an error in manufacturing, design or labeling, this risk put passengers at risk of harm.

Maintenance Team

The company or individual responsible for ensuring that the elevator is safe could be held responsible if a passenger is injured or killed on an elevator. This could mean the company hired unskilled labor who failed to repair the elevators correctly. If a maintenance member is injured while on the job, this could be due to the company having faulty safety equipment or inadequate training. This is also an area of liability.

After an Elevator Injury

If you find yourself injured by an elevator, it is important to make sure to take a few photos of the elevator to help build your case. Also, there could be witnesses to your injury if there are other passengers either on the elevator with you or those waiting for it to work. The most important thing is to file a claim quickly. Many states limit the time one can take to claim an elevator injury. Call us today for your free no-obligation case review. 

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