Eating Disorder Long Term Disability Claim

Anorexia nervosa can become so extreme that a person’s mental and physical health changes. The mental disorder happens when a person falsely perceives themselves as overweight due to a distorted body image. It is the most serious of the eating disorders and has a high mortality rate.

About Anorexia Nervosa

Those with anorexa nervosa limit caloric intake that brings excessive weight loss. There is a fear of gaining any weight. Some anorexics also show signs of another eating disorder called bullimia. This is when a person binges on large quantities of food before purging to try to avoid calorie consumption. Working adults with anorexia have trouble working. The focus on food is often the only thing the person can concentrate on. 

Anorexia Nervosa Problems

Those suffering from anorexia nervosa are normally identified by rapid weight loss along with low body weight. There are major complications stemming from the mental illness. This includes heart disease, musculoskeletal  problems, hormone changes, depression,  anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse, neurological problems, and blood problems. When food restriction gets to a crucial point, someone with anorexia can have organ failure or severe dehydration. An imbalance of electrolytes which are vital to proper tissue function causes the dehydration.

Eating Disorder Long Term Disability Claim

Insurance companies added a new disability listing for eating disorders in 2017. First, a doctor will decided if you have an eating disorder that is debilitating and prevents normal daily functions. According to the new statute, an applicant has to show limitations in two of these areas:  

  • Understanding or  remembering instructions, ability to learn new things and apply the knowledge to tasks while using good judgment 
  • The ability to use socially appropriate behaviors to interact with others 
  • Able to concentrate and maintain pace to perform tasks 
  • Able to have personal life skills like paying bills, cooking, shopping, able to get dressed and practice good hygiene 

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