Drug Rehab Abuse Liability

Every year over 4 million people in drug rehabilitation facilities are victims of emotional, physical or sexual abuse. Therefore, where does the drug rehab abuse liability lie? Is it just the facility, or an employee, or possibly a third party?  

Drug Rehabs & Duty of Care

Rehabilitation centers have a strict “duty of care” to residents. They must provide a safe place with services such as food, shelter, hygiene and medical care. Plus, staff must provide therapy and other physical activities. Because of this, there are a variety of settings and activities in which a resident may suffer an injury or abuse.

The responsibility falls within a few categories:

  • Negligent training of staff
  • Failure to perform adequate background checks
  • Not properly monitoring staff
  • Inadequate security
  • Neglecting to provide daily necessities like food or water
  • Not addressing medical needs
  • Improper protection from health and safety hazards
  • Dangerous physical restraints
  • Intentional abuse

If negligence was responsible for the abuse, then the facilitiy may be held legally liable for all resulting damages.

Third Party Responsibilities

The rehab is always legally responsible if a resident is abused. However, there could be other parties responsible. This could the staff member, a visitor who witnessed or performed the abuse. The facility might be liable for failing to provide adequate security. However, if an outside security contractor provides the security to the facility, that entity might also be legally liable for negligence in the delivery of its security services

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