According to The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the United States Constitution outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. This means these characteristics cannot be used to disciminate against people in voter registration requirements, schools, employment and public accomodations. The Fourteethn Admendment guarantees all citizens equal protection under the law and the Fifteenth Amendment has a duty to protect voting rights.

Examples of Discrimination

The most common people with discriminate are managers at work, landlords, or government agencies. 

Some examples of civil right violations include:

  • A mortgage company denying an African American couple a mortgage due to their race 
  • A place of work firing a Middle Eastern man due to his country of origin 
  • Being passed over for a promotion due to be disabled 
  • A woman being denied a job due to being a woman
  • A restaurant not serving a homosexual man because of his sexual orientation

If you or someone you love has experienced discrimination, a civil rights lawsuit can help bring justice.

Employment Discrimination

If an employer refuses to hire, fires, is hostile to you or deprives growth because of race, color, religion, sex or national origin you can sue.  

Housing Discrimination

Landlords, sellers or leasing offices often discriminate against people in protected classes. People are denied housing or forced to leave their homes. The Fair Housing Act 1968 provides fair access to housing. This act has been extended to cover discrimination against families with children. This may not be straight hate, but making living hard like being denied a parking space. 

Government Discrimination

Discrimination by governments and the police is the most heinous form of discrimination. False stops, arrests, and imprisonments, police shootings happen every day. Yet, help is available. 


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