Denied Sinkhole Claim

Having a sinkhole can be a nightmare. Significant damage can ruin buildings and property. In some cases the sinkhole damage is so severe that a home could be condemned. The only saving grace could be your insurance claim. However, many people have had their claim denied.

Steps After a Denied Sinkhole Claim

There can be many reasons that an insurance company denies a sinkhole claim. Most commonly, after conducting their own internal studies, they will assert that cracks in your foundation, doors, windows, walls and other damage was not caused by a sinkhole.

After a denial, check the reason listed in the insurance company’s report. These reports are mandated by state laws. However, insurance companies normally bring their own engineers or geologists to make the sinkhole report. These experts may be biased toward their employer and favor the insurance company in their report. 

It is recommended to hire your own engineer or geologist to receive a fair and unbiased opinion of the sinkhole activity and damage it caused. These experts may also suggest that the property owner get estimates on repairs to the affected areas to pass along to their insurance provider.

Reviewing the Denied Claim

Here are few recommended questions to ask yourself as you review the report.

  • What type of testing did the experts hired by them use?
  • Did they drill? 
  • Did the insurance company leave any information out?

Sometimes, a company may skip standard testing procedure. To save time and money, an expert may just drive-by the property instead of using  industry-proven geophysical testing techniques. These include ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity testing, or a standard penetration test.

Failure to properly test for sinkhole activity may constitute a breach of policy and may entitle the homeowner to immediate legal action.

Let us Fight for You

Whether you have sinkhole coverage or not, an experienced attorney will defend your claim and help prove that the damage your home sustained should either be covered under your separate sinkhole policy. Also, the damage could have been caused by catastrophic ground cover collapse, not a sinkhole. This should be covered under your regular homeowner’s insurance policy. Contact us today for more information.

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