Delivery Driver Rights COVID-19

Delivery drivers are one of the main causalities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans are depending on these brave men and women to delivery goods, so they do not have to go out. A single UPS driver could deliver almost 300 packages a day and works 60 hours a week. 

The actual numbers of those delivery drivers who are infected or have died from coronavirus are not being published. However, three drivers died just last week. FedEx lost two pilots as well. Yet, workers are not given safety gear to protect them from the virus.

Lack of Preventive Protective Equipment

The UPS warehouse in Kentucky lost a worker from COVID-19. It wasn’t until after he passed that 11,000 workers received face masks. However, sanitary conditions still were not protective. Yet, these workers are not receiving hazard pay. 

More Drivers Less Experience

Amazon has hired more than 100,000 new warehouse and delivery drivers. However, these new drivers are not as experienced and could already be ill. To be a driver, one needs to be 21, licensed, have a smart phone and pass a background check. Given the high demand, hiring standards are likely to be lax. 

Plus, drivers cannot even take sick leave unless they test positive for COVID-19. This is nearly impossible since testing is reserved for only severe cases. Many do not have that economic option, so the spread will likely continue for all drivers. 

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