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Cruise lines paint a vacation image of relaxing by the pool, eating delicious culinary delights all with fantastic views of the majestic water. However, cruise ships are not floating paradises. They are full of injuries either slip and falls or even sexual assault. It is important to know the steps to take after cruise ship injury.

Report the Incident

Cruise Ship InjuryImmediately after an accident or injury on a cruise ship, report the incident. Most ships have procedures after an accident or injury. Know the protocols and make copies of all accident reports. Request documentation. Plus, contact the local American police to report the incident. This ensures that the cruise line didn’t cover up your accident and actually reported it to the proper authorities.


After your report, the cruise will most likely investigate the accident. Be careful about any written statements you make. They will use everything against you to prove the cruise is not at fault. Do not lie or embellish, and most of all, do not exaggerate injuries. Also, you should do your own investigation and contact any onlookers. Get their name, room number and contact information. This includes staff or crew.
Take photographs of the injury and the injury location. All details will help your case.

Contact a Lawyer

Know that the cruise line will immediately go to protecting the company. This is why you need someone who will fight and protect you. Time limits for filing a claim for compensation after cruise ship injury is limited.  It is vital to contact our experienced team as soon as possible after an injury. We will review the claim details and guide you of your legal options. Our consultation is completely free. You pay nothing until we win.

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