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More than 2000 passengers aboard the luxury cruise the Norwegian Sun left for a two-week journey between Miami and Los Angeles via the Panama Canal in March 2018. However, after spending thousands of dollars the company informed passengers of upgrades occurring while onboard. Guests had no idea that their vacation was actually a construction zone.

Defective Cruise Ship Equipment Liability

Norweigan SunWhen defective cruise ship equipment injures you, you might have a claim for legal compensation. Equipment on a cruise ship can be defective if it has significant design, construction, or composition defects. If the product comes with inadequate warnings, this deficiency also can provide the basis for a legal claim against the cruise line operator. Regularly maintaining these types pieces of equipment could prevent them from becoming defective. Otherwise, severe injuries can be the result of an accident in any of these areas. If an injury occurs, make sure that you or a loved one takes photographic evidence of where the injury occurred.

Norwegian Sun Horror Cruise

Two hundred of the Norwegian Sun passengers had no idea that a little construction upgrade would mean the ship would close many of the ship’s restaurants and amenities. Plus, there was excessive noise. Equipment workmen were using, such as jackhammers and sanding/sawing equipment constantly.  Also, construction workers rubbed existing metal supports while removing old decking. The debris was constantly falling everywhere on the ship and airborne particles were very evident. Passengers complained that workers had masks on, but they did not. Many complained of eye irritation along with skin and breathing issues.
Sad Old WomanAdditionally, passengers complained of a chemical smell. This wasn’t just in common areas but also in staterooms. Norwegian only offered passengers a 25% discount on their next cruise.

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