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A cruise bungee trampoline attraction is shut down after a passenger broke his pelvis and now is suffering permanent injuries. Royal Carribean officials are currently reviewing the featured called “Sky Pad”. The injured passenger is seeking a $10 million compensatory award.

About Cruise Injuries

Cruise Bungee Trampoline 300x212Cruise ships bring a number of potential safety hazards inherent to a marine environment. This includes corrosion from salt water, sea spray, and water tracked into high traffic areas from pool areas. Spilled drinks, wet or foreign substances, food in restaurants, loose flooring to water tracked in by guests using the swimming pools, even dim lighting in stairwells and hallways are all common causes of slip and falls.

Cruise Bungee Trampoline Accident

The Royal Caribbean passenger was excited and looking forward to the cruise bungee trampoline attraction, “Sky Pad”. The cruise line describes the feature as an”out-of-this-world bungee trampoline experience”. During the experience, employees strap passengers into a harness. The harness has bungee cords on each side to jump and bounce. However, after this passenger put the harness on, it unexpectedly snapped 20 feet above the ground. Then, the harness plummeted him into the ground. The passenger described intense and instant pain.
The cruise line shortened the trip to bring the man back to Miami. There, he spent nine days in the hospital where he needed multiple surgeries for his broken pelvis. Plus, he had a dislocated shoulder. The passenger seeks $10 million from Royal Caribbean to treat his permanent injuries both physical and psychological from the event.

We Can Help Cruise Ship Victims

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