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Cruise operations should begin by next year. People are itching to get back as reservations for next year are up 40% from 2019.  However, there are many changes headed to the cruises during the coronavirus pandemic. One of these is enhanced health care measures. Public spaces, shore excursions, sanitation procedures all will be changing. Big names like Royal Caribbean and Carnival are already creating new guidelines, which include expanded onboard medical centers and improved air filtration systems. Plus, “fit to travel” documents.


Arun Sharma 8TrRbwYfq2s UnsplashBesides people being able to travel due to health, there will be many more distancing changs. Self-service buffets may no longer exist on cruises. Crew-manned serving stations and table service could be the new way passengers receive meals. Plus, reservations may also be the routine as cruise ships need to comply with stricter capacity limits.


Cruise ships will need to invest in better tech like sterilization robots to raise sanitation standards. Even before the pandemic, cruise ships have been a hotbed for disease.

About Cruise Illness Outbreaks

Cruise ships are the ideal breeding grounds for viruses and bacterias like E. colinorovirus and Campylobacter.  This is due to hundreds of people in close quarters touching the same handrails, buffet utensils, and elevator buttons. This raises the chance of spreading. The CDC lists Norovirus as the culprit in more than 90% of diarrheal-related outbreaks on cruise ships. According to their Vessel Sanitation program, this virus victimizes almost 10% of all cruise ships. This percentage keeps growing.

Recent Cruise Illness Outbreaks

Beginning in January, the CDC has reported five cruise illness outbreaks. However, the organization does not know the cause of all of them.

Don’t Wait to Get Help After a Cruise Injury

Ben O Bro ZbWSt Hz0 I UnsplashIf you, your child, or your relative suffered a cruise ship related injury, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Once you disembark, your next step should be to get experienced legal help from a knowledgeable attorney.
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