Common Slip & Fall Injuries

A personal injury attorney like those at The Michael Brady Lynch Firm will tireless gather as much evidence as possible to help your case succeed. Slip and falls outside of restaurants can lead to lifelong injuries with expensive medical bills. These can be hip fractures, shoulder injuries, sprains, strains, head injuries, spinal cord damage, etc.

Broken Bones

High pressure on bones can break them. A fall could cause the pressure that leads to fractures of the hip, wrist or ankle. With age, bones have a higher chance of breaking. Even if you are elderly and fall, you still have a financial right to compensation.

Sprained Ankles or Wrists

An uneven step or slippery surface could cause a fall. Usually, a person will try to break the fall with their arms. However, this could cause a sprained wrist or ankle. These can take an extremely long time to heal. Sprains along with cuts and bruises are the most common injury after a fall. Cuts may seem simple, but they are still considered damage and a loss.

Knee Damage

A twist on a fall can cause knee damage. Many people on the way down can damage their MCL or ACL. These are ligament tears that dislocate the patella, which means knee reconstruction surgery. A MCL is a stretch, partial tear or complete tear of the ligament on the inside of the knee. An ACL injury causes a tear or sprain of the anterior cruciate, which is one of the major ligaments in the knee.  The cost of ACL surgery in 2016 was almost $13,000. MCL surgery costs around the same.

Shoulder Dislocation and Muscle Strains

The impact of a fall could jar the shoulder and cause it to dislocate or strain. These need immediate and costly surgery. This also means long physical therapy sessions and costly measures to get motion back.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury happens when the skull hits the ground during a fall. Any brain jolting could be serious and severe. Pain can linger for months from a TBI. Often, victims with a TBI need countless specialists to diagnosis and treat a TBI.

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