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FDA adds Blackbox warning for Hearing Loss. The New Warning Label was added for Tepezza on 7/20/23 which includes warnings not previously provided that potentially indicate a failure to warn initially of all dangers. Tepezza may cause severe hearing impairment...


Have you or a loved one developed Gastroparesis from taking Ozempic? If you or a loved one have experienced gastrointestinal side effects after using Ozempic, which contains the active ingredient semaglutide, you may be entitled to compensation. Often, the side effect...
FDA Issues Warning for Valsartan Contamination

FDA Issues Warning for Valsartan Contamination

FDA Warning On June 13, 2018, the FDA issued a warning that alerted healthcare professionals to contamination in the product Valsartan. The contamination contained “impurities in certain commonly prescribed heart medicines.”[i] Companies Involved Some of the companies...
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