Breach of Contract

Most vendors try their best to fulfill contracts, but sometimes they break promises. This does not trigger damages in civil cases. However, when this happens in government contracts, this is a violation of the False Claims Act and is Government Contract Fraud.  Most government contracts have different necessities than regular civil ones. Most have terms for mandating diversity, labor standards, and environmental regulatory compliance.  When a company violates these terms, it is a breach of contract.

Example of Breach of Contract

In 2011, the US Military found out that a contractor funneled taxpayer money to the Taliban. This was part of a $2.16 billion transportation contract to promote Afghan businesses. The Department of Treasury paid millions of dollars to eight different companies. One of those companies paid a subcontractor who hired other subcontractors to supply trucks.

The trucking subcontractors made deposits into an Afghan National Police commander’s account in exchange for safe passage of the convoys. In one instance, U.S. intelligence officials traced $3.3 million that contractors transferred to the Taliban in the form of weapons, explosives, and cash. Members of the military asserted that federal contracting rules did not require them to investigate the flow of funds below the level of prime contractors. This is why it took a while for the breach of contract to be found.

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