Three Cruise Passengers Missing in Jamaica

Three U.S. citizens on the Carnival Sensation did not return to the ship last week. This isn’t the first time a passenger on a cruise has gone missing. In fact, it is far more common than cruise lines want to admit.

Cruise Ship Missing Person

Since 2000, over 200 passengers have gone missing from cruise ships. In 2010 the United States Coast Guard put into place the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act. This regulates railing heights and the training of crew members who respond to these situations of “man overboard”. It is the cruise line’s responsibility to keep passengers safe and fully investigate disappearances.

Operators should be responsible when they fail to act appropriately after receiving a missing passenger report. If the cruise line cannot find a missing Unites States national after a reasonable amount of time, they must notify the FBI and National Guard. Cruise lines. If their employees do not follow this procedure or act negligently in the events leading up to and after the disappearances of passengers, the cruise line may be accountable.

Missing Cruise Passenger in Jamaica

The Jamaica Observer reported that three U.S. citizens did not return to the Carnival Sensation which docked in Ocho Rios.
The newspaper reports that the three passengers disembarked the Carnival cruise ship at approximately 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning. Police in Jamaica launched a massive search, however speculation points to foul play.

Last month, the United States issued a state of emergency in St. James Parish, Jamaica due to extensive violence and crime. St. James Parish covers Montego Bay, which has a cruise port and is a short drive away from the cruise ports in Falmouth and Ocho Rios.

Over the last six years, there have been 11 cruise ship passengers who have temporarily gone missing in Jamaica.
The passengers eventually showed up or were located by the police in Jamaica. It is against both Jamaican and U.S. law to fail to return to a cruise ship.

Don’t Wait to Get Help

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