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There are many c-section dangers a mother can face during delivery. Last year alone, 33% of women delivered babies in this way, and the medical community says this procedure is safe. Unfortunately, many birth injuries and risks occur during c-section deliveries. While some can’t be prevented, others are a direct result of medical errors and negligence.

About C-Sections

c-section dangersA cesarean delivery is a birth that occurs through an incision in the abdominal wall and uterus rather than through the vagina. There are many reasons why a health care provider might recommend a cesarean delivery. Some cesareans occur in critical situations, some are used to prevent critical situations, and some are elective.
Some of the common reasons for c-sections are:

  • Placental problems, including placental eruption, placental insufficiency, and placenta previa
  • Uterine ruptures, which affects 1 out of every 1,500 births
  • Breech position
  • Umbilical cord prolapse
  • Fetal distress
  • No progress during labor
  • Having previous C-sections
  • Preeclampsia
  • Diabetes
  • Genital herpes (active)
  • An infant diagnosed with a birth defect
  • Carrying twins or multiples

Types of C-Section Dangers

Cesareans can cause stress to the baby in different ways during delivery, and in some situations, the infant can even sustain injuries resulting from the surgical incision.

Fetal Lacerations

Fetal lacerations are cuts, scrapes, and other similar injuries caused to an infant that typically occur during a C-section procedure. In most cases, fetal lacerations occur due to improperly-performed procedures by healthcare providers. Fetal lacerations range in severity, from mild to serious, and may lead to a host of other health conditions, including Erb’s palsy, fractures, and cervical cord injuries.

Cerebral PalsyInfant Brain Damage

Infants are much more likely to experience breathing problems if delivered by c-section. It’s important that babies are constantly monitored after birth as breathing problems may lead to respiratory distress syndrome and long-term health problems. Plus, if medical professional delays the c-section this can cause a lack of oxygen to the baby. Lack of oxygen causes brain damage or cerebral palsy.
In 2011, a New York judge awarded parents $58 million after a delayed C-section caused their infant son to develop brain damage and cerebral palsy, leading to an inability to walk and talk. According to court documents, the mother went in for a routine visit when her doctor detected that her amniotic fluid has reduced significantly. However, instead of scheduling an emergency C-section, the doctor sent her home. In addition to a delayed C-section, when the mother finally gave birth a few days later, the physician made an incision in an incorrect place. Her son was born with no color, a faint heartbeat, and no movement. Sadly, these types of medical mistakes account for thousands of birth injuries each year.

Get Help after a Birth Injury

It is also important to remember that if your child’s birth injuries are a result of medical negligence and carelessness, the medical staff, hospital, and/or physician may be liable for damages. A complex litigation attorney can help. At The Michael Brady Lynch Firm, our lawyers have decades of experience helping injured people get justice and full compensation for injuries caused negligence. The Michel Brady Lynch Firm regularly takes on the largest corporations in the world with a track records of proven success and results. Contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm today, and our attorneys will review your case for free and help you protect your rights. Therefore, for your complimentary consultation, call our office now.

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