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Each year, military hospitals are the location for more than 50,000 births. However, those babies are twice as likely to be injured during delivery than other newborns nationwide. In fact, The New York Times uncovered internal documents depicting a system in which scrutiny is sporadic and avoidable errors are chronic.

About Birth Injuries

Birth InjuryA birth defect is a health problem that usually is DNA related. Some examples are Down Syndrome, a cleft palate or even a heart murmur. Sometimes birth defects derive from outside factors like taking SSRIs during pregnancy. A birth injury is one suffered by a child during labor or delivery or soon after birth. Birth injuries may range from minor problems such as lacerations or bruising to severe injuries that could prove fatal. Medical staff can make mistakes that harm your child. These mistakes could hurt him or her for their entire life.  These mistakes could happen for a variety of reasons, including inattentiveness, exhaustion, or inexperience. When it comes to harming a newborn, these reasons are not excusable.

High Military Hospital Birth Injuries

According to studies, the higher amount of birth injuries may be due to the way which military hospitals handle their patients. For instance, in October 2010, a wife of a soldier who was five months pregnant, was admitted to to an Army community with a high fever and difficulties swallowing. Without reviewing her file, nurses sent her home anyway. They just gave her an appointment to see an oral surgeon to extract her wisdom teeth. She returned to the hospital the next day by ambulance. Then, the hospital airlifted her to a civilian hospital and attempted to save her and the baby. However, she miscarried and died from severe sepsis. There was no investigation into her death.
In addition, from 2001 through 2013, there were 239 unexpected deaths reported in military hospitals. The New York Times found that yet, only 100 were sent to to the Pentagon safety center for investigation. Mothers give birth to over 50,000 infants annually in military hospitals. It isn’t just babies who suffer injuries, but the mothers do as well. The most common injuries mothers endure is hemorrhaging right after childbirth.
Errors can happen at any hospital. The rate and the consistency of these errors in military hospitals are setting them apart. Although the military hospitals have patient safety programs, these have done nothing to correct medical mistakes. One the most common mistakes made is miscommunication and not reading patient files correctly. In fact, in one instance, miscommunication resulted in an unborn, viable infant dying after a physician operated on the wrong part of a mother’s body. In other instance, fetal distress went undetected causing permanent injuries. Now, the baby is 5 and cannot walk, crawl, swallow, or speak.

Compensation for Breech Birth Injuries

Sad ParentsBirth injuries are often lifelong complications that require consistent medical treatment and rehabilitation. Depending on the severity of the injuries, the financial costs associated with birth injuries can range from several thousand to over a million during the lifespan of a child with birth injuries.
For instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lifetime costs associated with a child who has cerebral palsy (CP) is around $1 million. The costs associated with a child who suffers hearing loss after a birth injury typically ranges around $400,00.
Therefore, it is important to remember that if your child’s birth injuries are a result of medical negligence and carelessness, the medical staff, hospital, and/or physician may be liable for damages. A complex litigation attorney can help. At The Michael Brady Lynch Firm, our lawyers have decades of experience helping injured people get justice and full compensation for injuries caused negligence. The Michel Brady Lynch Firm regularly takes on the largest corporations in the world with a track record of proven success and results. Contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm today, and our attorneys will review your case for free and help you protect your rights. For your complimentary consultation, call our office now.

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