Appealing Disability Benefits

A majority of veterans receive a disability rating less than 20 percent. However, for a majority of brave servicemen and women, this doesn’t cover their disability needs. Therefore, an appeal can help. 

Steps for Appealing

First, it is important to visit a VA medical facility and receive a physical. Have the doctor detail the disability. Then, file a Notice of Disagreement. A knowledgeable attorney can careful craft a letter outlining the reasons you disagree with the decision. To prepare for this appeal, the veteran must visit the VA medical facility where they received their compensation and pension physical.

Next, after the written review, there will be a Statement of the Case, which explains in detail the laws, regulations and evidence used in the outcome of your case. Make sure to receive a VA Form 9, which is the Substantive Appeal Form.

Then, it is time to file an appeal. We can help you complete the Susntantive Appeal Form with as much information possible detailing why your case needs to be approved. There is 90 days to provide medical and factual evidence to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) to support the claim. This also could include a video conference or personal appearance in Washington D.C. But, a knowledgeable attorney can help.

Free Case Review

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm is one of the leading personal injury firms in the country. We are dedicated to helping veterans and their loved one get the benefits they deserve. We offer free case reviews and will use our resources to proudly help veterans their families. 

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