Disclaimer: Note that the firm is no longer accepting cases for the anti-psychotic medication Abilify or Tylenol autism cases. Thank you.
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We are very pleased to announce our lead attorney, Michael Brady Lynch, has been selected for the 2024 Law360 Products Liability Editorial Board. Mr. Lynch was selected to this board because he is one of the top-performing attorneys in the practice area of Multi-district Products Liability and in the geographical region of Florida.

Michael is the founder and lead attorney for the Michael Brady Lynch Firm. Michael has been practicing law for over 20 years. Since 1997, Michael has been actively involved in almost every major pharmaceutical and medical device mass tort in the United States. Michael has been a member of the Florida Bar for over 20 years and also has licenses in New Jersey, District of Columbia, and California.

The Law360 2024 Editorial Board consists of top-performing attorneys that provide feedback and expert insight to Law360 on how they can improve their future coverage. The boards are composed of leaders in their field who are uniquely positioned to provide insights into the particular practices, sectors, or geographic legal markets helping inform Law360’s coverage. We are excited to see what insight Mr. Lynch will provide to Law360 on Products Liability legal trends to best serve their readers.

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