Nursing Home Admin Arrested For Elder Sexual Abuse

Police have made a second arrested in connection with an ongoing sexual abuse investigation at a Kansas nursing home. The nursing center administrator faces seven counts of failure to report abuse, neglect, and exploitation of an adult. This is the second arrest in an ongoing investigation into the facility.

About Elder Sexual Abuse

Elder sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual conduct against a person over the age of 60. It can also be harm by tricking, manipulating, or coercing the elder person into undesired sexual contact. This includes sexual contact with an elderly person that is unable to communicate consent or disapproval.

Unfortunately, there is little research about elder sexual abuse. Therefore, it is often understood. The abuse tends to cause medical problems resulting in difficulties communicating with confusion or memory loss. This doesn’t help with reporting the abuse.

Nursing Home Admin Arrested

A nursing administrator at a Kansas assisted living facility faces seven counts of failure to report abuse, neglect, and exploitation of an adult. Last month, officers charged another worker at the facility. The head of maintenance at the nursing home was charged with second-degree rape of a mentally incapacitated person, second-degree sodomy also of a mentally incapacitated person along with three counts of first-degree sexual abuse.

Signs of Elder Sexual Abuse

It is important to recognize the signs of sexual abuse whether behavioral or physical. These include:

  • Pelvic injury
  • Issues walking or sitting
  • New STD
  • Torn, bloody or stained underwear
  • Bruises of the genitals or inner thigh
  • Bleeding from the anus or genitals
  • Irritation or pain of the anus or genitals
  • Panic attacks
  • PTSD
  • Agitation
  • Social or emotional withdrawal
  • Inappropriate, unusual or aggressive sexual activities
  • Suicide attempts
  • Engaging in unusual or inappropriate

If you have a loved one or someone you care for who is showing signs of abuse or neglect, you may need legal help. The first step is to set up a free consultation by contacting us immediately.

Free Consultation

eliquis helpIf you suspect abuse or neglect, do not accept denials. Instead, contact a knowledgeable lawyer experienced with representing victims. When an abuser injures a resident at a care facility, it is not always obvious what happened and legal liability.  The evidence available is often incomplete and may be self-serving for the defendant – the nursing home. This is why a free consultation with us is so important. We have been assisting the injured for 20 years. We help clients from all over the country. Our consultations are completely free. Call today.

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