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The Michael Brady Lynch Firm understands when a hurricane hits your city as it did with Hurricane Irma, it can take an emotional toll. The loss of property can be devastating and overwhelming. Our firm is based in Central Florida, so we have seen businesses and neighbors trying to pick up the pieces after Irma ravaged our town. Many assumed because they have paid their insurance bill every month, they will be covered. However, having a home or business insurance policy doesn’t automatically mean an insurance company will give you money to repair any damage. Many companies have denied coverage or underpaid claims, thus leaving thousands of hurricane victims to be victimized once more.

Insurance Coverage

hurricane claimEach state is different as to what insurance policies must cover. In Florida, policies should cover wind damage, but there is normally a deductible for hurricane damage. This is a fixed percentage in a policy. There are so many different rules and regulations that insurance companies prey upon uncertainty.

Additionally, most homeowners don’t have flood insurance. This is because unless you live in one of FEMA’s designated flood zones, you aren’t required to have it.  However, hurricane damage happens outside of flood zones, too. Unfortunately, due to the anti-concurrent causation clause, your homeowner’s insurance won’t even pay for wind damage if it occurred along with an event that’s excluded in the policy, such as flooding.

Denying a Hurricane Claim

After a storm, many people will file claims. Some companies will try various tactics, so they do not have to pay for damages or limit the money they will spend. Here are some ways they achieve this:

  • Denying you even have insurance coverage
  • Saying your claim is false because your policy excludes it
  • Straight out denying your claim damage
  • Begins to stretch out the process for payment fulfillment to get you to give up
  • Beings to lie to you and make false statements
  • Tries to get you to settle for a different policy coverage
  • Undervalues estimates of damage
  • Before giving any money, they demand a written release
  • Stamps a check as “final” when there should be additional funds for the claim
  • Tells you that you do not need a lawyer to settle your claim

Get Help with Hurricane Claim Disputes

When an insurance company tries to avoid paying for your hurricane damage, it may seem easier to just give up. Do not use your savings to repair your home. Instead, you need experienced representation to help you. An experienced attorney will hold the insurance company accountable and make sure you get the insurance money you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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