Many Receiving Xarelto Overdose

A new study confirms users of the blood thinner Xarelto are on a higher dose than necessary. The higher dose a patient is on the greater the chance for dangerous side effects. The side effects of Xarelto are deadly.

About Xarelto

xarelto overdoseManufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Xarelto has become a huge financial success. It quickly became the gold standard for the next generation of anticoagulant medications. By stopping the blood from clotting, blood-thinners can prevent blood clots in people suffering from conditions such as atrial fibrillation. Due to the risk of unstoppable bleeding, researchers developed an “antidote” to stop this effect in the case of emergency in users of warfarin, the most popular anticoagulant for decades.

Xarelto users aren’t so lucky. There is no antidote to reverse the anti-clotting effect of Xarelto in an emergency. This means doctors and surgeons may have limited options. It means that what could be a treatable injury for most people can be a fatal one for Xarelto users.

Some of the potentially fatal conditions Xarelto users have suffered include Gastrointestinal bleeding, Brain hemorrhaging, Kidney bleeding, Rectal bleeding, and other internal bleeding events.

Study Indicates Xarelto Overdose

At the Mayo Clinic, researchers tracked the dosage of over 15,000 patients using Xarelto. They found that a majority of users were on a higher dose than necessary. When receiving a higher dose of Xarelto, this means a greater risk of side effects. Plus, researchers found doctors overdoses 43% who have kidney damage. With a higher than necessary dosage with kidney issues, these patients have a great chance of full kidney failure.

Also concerning is that researchers found that most dosages were completely inconsistent with label instructions.  People flocked to Xarelto over tried and true Warfarin because of the ease of once a day dosing. However, this leaves people more susceptible to bleeding side effects that cannot be stopped.

Xarelto Lawsuits

Thousands of injured people are demanding justice from Janssen Pharmaceuticals. They feel that the company failed to provide adequate warnings about the risks of their drug. They didn’t have the chance to make an educated decision based upon their health.

The Michael Brady Lynch Firm is still accepting cases in all 50 states. If you or a loved one experienced a serious bleeding event after taking Xarelto, let our decades of experience help you. We know exactly how to go up against large companies and get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney for a free consultation.

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