Dangers of Type 2 Diabetes Medication

Type 2 diabetes affects almost 10% of the American population and that number grows by nearly 2 million ever year. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies see your diagnosis as a financial opportunity. Manufacturers rush drugs to market without rigorous testing just to cash in. This is the case with a popular Type 2 diabetes medication, Onglyza.

Released in 2009, Onglyza quickly became a popular choice of medication to control blood sugar amongst Type 2 diabetics. Users didn’t experience excess weight gain and only had to take it once a day. Kombiglyze XR, released in 2010, contains the same active ingredients as Onglyza but additionally has metformin with saxagliptin to make it an extended release pill. Expected annual sales of these drugs will reach $2.47 billion by 2018.

Type 2 Diabetes Medication & Heart Failure

Multiple studies have linked both drugs to serious side effects. Those who take Onglyza or Kombiglyze XR have a 30% increased risk of heart failure. This number grows in those already with either heart or kidney disease.

Just last year the FDA re-evaluated two large clinical trials that focused on patients with heart disease. The trial showed that 35 out of every 1,000 patients who received saxagliptin-containing drugs were hospitalized. This is 10% more than those who received the placebo. The FDA saw these studies and finally mandated a label change for all drugs containing saxagliptin to warn of heart failure. Unfortunately, this labeling did not come soon enough. A study published nearly four years ago showed that almost 20% of participants had an adverse reaction to saxagliptin and nearly 5% died.

Your Rights

Patients with diabetes often are faced with impossible choices. Either take Type 2 Diabetes medication and risk complications or refrain from medicating and risk uncontrolled blood sugar levels. At The Michael Brady Lynch Firm, we understand how frustrating it can be to feel like a victim. This is why we’re dedicated to empowering diabetes patients and their families by helping them make an informed decision about whether filing an Onglyza lawsuit is right for them.

Of course, if a doctor diagnosed you or a loved one with Type 2 Diabetes, talk to them about this drug. If heart failure has already occurred, contact The Michael Brady Lynch Firm. Our dedicated attorneys have extensive knowledge in knowing how to handle your claim.

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