Johnson & Johnson and Their Dangerous Legacy

For decades, Johnson & Johnson created a wholesome brand to appeal to the American consumer. They have tricked people into thinking their products are safe. However, more and more of their products are failing. Failing so gravely that serious harm is befalling those same innocent consumers who trusted their wholesome image.

This is Michael Brady Lynch, Lead Trial Attorney for The Michael Brady Lynch Firm.

Johnson & Johnson has branded themselves as a company the public can trust. Company products a typical family feels safe using on their children, themselves and even inside their own bodies.   But, this is not the case. This manufacturer has produced a whole host of unsafe medical devices, prescription medications, and skin care products. Then, they repeatedly lie to trick people into believing these products are safe.

Johnson & JohnsonNow, Johnson & Johnson is experiencing a flood of suits and settlements stemming from their lies. Just this week, a jury took less than a day before finding them negligent for knowing their defective metal-on-metal Pinnacle hip implants were dangerous and never warned patients or doctors. The jury awarded six plaintiffs around $1 billion for their injuries, pain, suffering and punitive damages. This is the third trial against them for this same device. In March, a different jury found them negligent, as well. Yet, Johnson & Johnson still denies wrongdoing, and they said they would appeal.

The company is also facing over 40,000 cases against them pertaining to their transvaginal mesh product. It was supposed to treat various health conditions caused by weakened pelvic muscles. Instead, women experienced organs sagging or falling into the vaginal canal, extreme bladder leaks and hysterectomies. In February, Johnson & Johnson agreed to settle roughly 2,500 of these cases for $120 million.

The saga continues. A Philadelphia jury ruled against them for their Risperdal drug with a $70 million settlement. $72 million for their talcum powder in February. Another $127 million for their talcum powder last month. Juries continue to look at all the evidence against them and find that they are intentionally misleading the American public. They knew talcum powder caused ovarian cancer, but they did nothing about it. Instead, they tried to conceal the critical information about talcum’s safety for more than 40 years.

Still, Johnson & Johnson claims their innocence. In the hip implant and transvaginal mesh trials, they blamed doctors. In the Risperdal and talcum powder cases, they blamed you, the American consumer. When will Johnson & Johnson take a step back and blame the true culprit – themselves?

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