Research shows that babies born to mothers who took the fertility drug Clomid during pregnancy are more likely to develop serious birth defects.

Clomid Dangers

Clomid (generic: clomiphene) is a fertility drug used to stimulate the release of hormones needed for a woman’s ovulation to occur. The FDA approved Clomid in 1967 for the treatment of major depression. Studies have linked Clomid to many serious and life-threatening congenital defects, such as:

Extensive Research Links Clomid to Defects

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Birth Defects Study has linked the use of Clomid two months before to one month after conception to many serious birth defects, including those listed above.

Research conducted by Wu et al. at the University of California, San Francisco found that maternal use of Clomid within 60 days before or 15 days after conception may increase the likelihood of a baby developing spina bifida by nearly 12 times.

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that maternal use of Clomid is a risk factor for autism spectrum disorders.

Your Baby’s Rights

If your baby was born with one or more congenital defects that may have been caused by exposure to Clomid before birth, your family deserves financial compensation. No amount of money can change what happened to your baby. Compensation will help offset the current and future medical costs, as well as provide for the pain and suffering you and your baby have experienced.

Filing a claim will also teach the manufacturers of unsafe medications that it is unacceptable to not warn parents of the risks associated with these drugs. This includes serious birth defects. Your suit may also even prevent other families from suffering as yours has. This will force the pharmaceutical company to change their drug’s label to warn parents of the potential risks.

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