Motorcycle Accident Severe Head Trauma

Motorcycle accidents test the brain’s fragility. The brain’s main defense is the skull. Then, cerebrospinal fluid fills the gaps between the meninges and skull to protect the brain. But, accidents still can leaves the brain open to enormous damage. Not all brain injuries are the same. However, it is important to know the warning signs of a brain injury.

There are three categories of brain injuries (least serious, moderate and severe).

The least serious type of brain injury are concussions. Many victims with mild brain injuries retain consciousness during it. However, with moderate brain injuries most lose consciousness for a short time. Then, with severe brain injury victims often fall into comas or get prolonged symptoms.

Common signs of a traumatic brain injury.

  • Dizziness
  • Behavior changes
  • Appetite loss
  • Disorientation
  • Sleep loss
  • Confusion
  • Depression

Treatment for Motorcycle Accident Severe Head Trauma 

Treatment will depend on the severity of the brain injury. There are common steps after a motorcycle accident.

Hospital Care: After a motorcycle accident, it is important to be checked out by a medical professional.  

Surgery: Some brain injuries are complicated and require multiple surgeries. In fact, surgeons may need to remove parts of the brain. 

Rehabilitation: After a brain injury, long time care may be needed. Often, the real effects of a brain injury could be masked for awhile. Therefore, rehabilitation may be needed. department to further monitor and treat the patient. 

Medications: No matter the severity of the brain injury, victims will need medications. These could be analgesics, muscle relaxers, anti-depressants, anti-coagulants, anti-anxiety, or anti-convulsants.

Doctors’ Consultations: Then, after the surgery, rehab and countless medications, there are the regular doctor visits. Brain injuries will normally require regular doctors’ visits.

Everyone’s treatment is different, however it is all costly for the victim.

Motorcycle Accident Severe Head Trauma Compensation

Negligence will bring the most compensation to a motorcycle accident claim. Compensation may not come easily. But, there are some things you can do to strengthen your case. 

  • Quickly preserve evidence like witnesses and their statements
  • Ask your employer for a lost wages form
  • Seek medical records from your previous healthcare provider.
  • Carefully log all expenses that arise out of the incident
  • Promptly obtain experienced legal counsel to build out a case on your behalf

Get Legal Guidance

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should first seek immediate medical treatment. The Michael Brady Lynch Firm offers free consultations. Getting legal help can put your mind at ease and let you focus on what matters most — getting better.

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