Insurance Denial Tactics

When an insurance company denies a claim without cause or pressures you to take less than your claim amount, these are Bad Faith tactics. A lawsuit could hold the insurer liable for damages beyond the value of a claim.

Bad Faith Examples

While there are many forms of Bad Faith conduct, some common examples are:

  • Denying coverage without an investigation
  • Refusing to negotiate with a legitimate claim
  • Purposely improperly explaining the law to compromise his or her claim
  • Lack of negotiation when liability for coverage is clear
  • Misrepresenting the statute of limitations to drop a claim
  • Offering a lower amount for the claim to defraud
  • Failing to provide a written explanation for denial of a claim
  • Withholding pertintent information 
  • Failure to deny or pay a claim within a reasonable period

Get Help with Your Claim Denial

Insurance claim disputes are common. They occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes the insurance provider simply wants to try to resolve a claim in the least expensive way possible. They may not provide accurate evaluations of your damages or losses. Other times, they might make it difficult for you if you fail to provide proof of your losses. You can provide proof of losses by hiring your own adjuster to examine your premises and make a report. Florida hurricane insurance dispute lawyers help you obtain the proof you need to get the most from your claim.

A denied hurricane insurance claim can be frustrating and keep you from being able to make repairs to your home or business. You need guidance from a knowledgeable attorney. You need to get the most from a claim, so you are able to fix your home and move forward after the devastating hurricane.

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