Anoxia & Hypoxia

Anoxia and hypoxia can occur in any part of the body. However, these conditions usually occur from a lack of oxygen in the brain.  When cells no longer have oxygen to metabolize glucose, the cells will be unable to create energy and will slowly die. After only 4 or 5 minutes without oxygen can cause extreme anoxia. This could cause brain death.

Risk Factors with Anoxia & Hypoxia

There are a few risk factors that can lead to this condition. These risks include:

  • High-risk pregnancy
  • Umbilical cord issues
  • Uterine rupture
  • Placental abruption
  • Placenta previa
  • Placental insufficiency
  • Vasa previa
  • Cervical issues
  • Infection
  • Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)
  • Labor and delivery errors

Anoxia describes an absence of oxygen, and hypoxia describes low oxygen levels. Hypoxia is also used to describe environmental areas, and it is also used to describe low oxygen levels medically. 

Anoxia & Hypoxia Causes

There are a few different situations where anoxia and hypoxia can occur.

Anoxic Anoxia

Anoxic anoxia happens when the air does not contain enough oxygen. Examples of this is high altitude sickness and bad ventilation. High altitude sickness is a form of hypoxia that occurs because there is less oxygen at higher altitudes and this affects the brain and body. Other potential causes of anoxic anoxia include strangulation, drowning, choking, and suffocation.

Anaemic Anoxia

Hemoglobin transports oxygen in the body.  Not enough hemoglobin or hemoglobin unable to carry enough oxygen, can cause anaemic anoxia. Some include iron deficiency and ingestion of sodium nitrite.

Stagnant Hypoxia

Reduction of blood flow or blood pressure causes stagnant hypoxia. Without adequate blood flow, the blood can’t deliver oxygen to the various parts of the body. Different causes for stagnant hypoxia include stroke, heart attack, and a hemorrhage. If  stagnant hypoxia isn’t helped quickly, it can lead to anoxia.

Histotoxic Anoxia

Chemicals and poisons like carbon monoxide and cyanide can cause oxygen deficiency in the body causing hypoxia or anoxia. Other causes include alcohol, acetone, narcotics, formaldehyde, and anesthesia.

Asphyxia Injuries

The longer the baby has asphyxia the greater the damage. Many doctors will use a MRI scan to see the extent. The most common injuries are:

  • Children not walking 2 years old
  • Needing a feeding tube
  • Speech delays

Also, researchers have found that 60% of children with moderate asphyxia had cerebral palsy. Then, 80% do not walk. Also, up to 50% need feeding assistance and have visual impairment and cognition problems. However, with severe asphyxia 95% have speech delays, vision problems and seizures. 

Costs Associated with Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are often lifelong complications that require consistent medical treatment and rehabilitation. Depending upon the severity of the injuries, the financial costs associated with birth injuries can range from several thousands to over a million during the lifespan of a child with birth injuries.

For instance, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the lifetime costs associated with a child who has cerebral palsy (CP) is around $1 million. The costs associated with a child who suffers hearing loss after a birth injury typically ranges around $400,00.

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