Rexulti Causes Compulsive Gambling

Researchers are now confidently saying that Rexulti causes compulsive gambling. The recently FDA approved medication in 2015, and manufacturer Otsuka Pharmaceutical heralded it as the better alternative to their other medication, Abilify. However, just like Abilify, Rexulti causes compulsive gambling, too.

About Rexulti

Sold by the same manufacturer of Abilify, Rexulti is an antipsychotic medication. Otsuka Pharmaceutical created Rexulti (brexpiprazole) after Abilify lost patent protection. Rexulti and Abilify are comparable medications. Consumers use both to treat severe mood disorders like schizophrenia. Likewise, they each bring the risk of compulsive behaviors. In fact, the label recommends talking to a doctor if you have a history of gambling addiction. The label also warns about cases of “pathological gambling” and other impulse-control disorders.

Rexulti & Compulsive Gambling

In February 2018, the FDA issued a mandate to update the Rexulti label to also include compulsive gambling. Their report found this side effect prevalent among men in their 50s, who took the drug between 1 and 6 months. This side effect is also found more often in those who also take Lexapro and have major depression.

Researchers found that Rexulti works differently than many other drugs in its class. Other drugs block chemical receptors in the brain for dopamine or serotonin to control symptoms. This medication works by either enhancing or inhibiting dopamine and serotonin levels to keep a balance. Many doctors call it a stabilizer, which is why they prescribed it with other medications in an effort to enhance effectiveness. This stabilizer effect is one reason doctors prescribe the drug so often, even for off-label use.

Since Rexulti isn’t like other drugs, so medical researchers are conducting independent clinical trials. In some of these clinical trials, a scary side effect has emerged. Researchers speculate that since Abilify modifies brain receptors by manipulating the chemicals that regulate mood and behavior, these receptors might be over-stimulating the reward signals in the brain. Thus, causing compulsive behavior.

Get Compensation

Some patients have experienced serious harm due to Rexulti side effects like compulsive gambling. If you or someone you love took Rexulti or Abilify and had compulsive behaviors, you could receive compensation. Qualifying patients may receive compensation for the costs of addiction treatment for gambling, shopping or sex, the costs of gambling or shopping debt, emotional injuries, and loss of quality of life. Contact us today for more information. Let our 20 years of pharmaceutical litigation experience bring you the justice you deserve.

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